A less than happy encounter with a London escort pornstar

A less than happy encounter with a London escort pornstar


Last month, I decided I wanted to try something different from the usual escorts I go out with. So, I thought long and hard (that’s what she said) about what I wanted to do and came to the conclusion that it would be fun to go out with a London escort pornstar. I felt like an over-excited lap dog and didn’t stop to think things through, being overwhelmed by my awesome idea to spend a night with a beautiful, OPEN-MINDED pornstar.

The bad side of booking a London escort pornstar


Unfortunately, going out with a London escort pornstar has proven to me once and for all that people all inherently stupid. I met the girl at the restaurant where we’d have dinner and I thought she looked amazing. She was beautiful and wore a dress that highlighted her stunning features, but without revealing almost anything. Which made what happened even stupider.

There we were, enjoying a fine meal and an even finer conversation, when this blokes walks up to our table and starts shouting that he recognises her from porn. The scene he made was disgusting and I could see how embarrassed my escort was. He asked her if she really likes having two in her at the same time or if she was just faking it, and other things like that. Becoming angrier and angrier, I did the only thing that seemed reasonable. I dragged the guy out by the neck and floored him with two punches. When I came back, I could see that my beautiful London escort pornstar was too distressed to continue our dinner.

I asked her if she wanted to continue our booking another time. She said that she’ll be fine, but she would appreciate it if we could spend time in a more private place, so she could get her composure back.

I took her back to my hotel room and assured her that I knew this wasn’t her fault. She was feeling like the booking was ruined because of her. I told her that I rather enjoyed punching the living daylights out of the guy. Half an hour later, everything was forgotten and we were making love, so we managed to turn things around. However, if you’re going to book a London escort pornstar, be ready for things like this.

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